VaderFan at the Movies – The Wolf of Wall Street


Martin Scorsese is back with an all new movie about the rise and fall of a criminal. This time the story is about a criminal stock broker named Jordan Belfort, who must be the biggest douche in all of American history. The amount of crime, antics, and drugs this guy does are in such an extreme level, it’s hard to believe that this movie is based on a true story. What’s even more surprising is how funny the movie is. Scorsese is known for making his gritty and serious movie, all which should be watched and studied for they’re great as looking at an art exhibit while reading a great book at the same time. It does have its flaws, but hey, it’s Scorsese, the guy practically gets a pass on everything.

The film stars the someday Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, who started out as a good man, and slowly ended up being, as mentioned before, a great big douche. Now, this film is very interesting since it seems more like a character study of this guy. He firsts thought that the best way to make it up wall street is to make his clients happy. This was disproven by Mark Hanna, played the enigmatic Matthew McConaughey who is still thin from his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club. This guy showed him the truth, and the douchevolution began. He started swindling people’s money, hiring the worst kind of people to start his company, taking pounds of drugs, and even cheating on his wives multiple times. As usual in criminal movie fashion, some government agent shows up to bring the man to justice. This time it’s Agent Patrick Denham played by Kyle Chandler. With mistakes done by him, he ends up falling, and crashing down. Put all that in a three hour movie, with multiple comedy bits, and you get The Wolf of Wall Street.

The main thing that stands out about this film are the actors. Everyone acted in a phenomenal level, one being Jonah Hill. The chemistry he had with DiCaprio is just great to watch, adding more to the comedy bits. Speaking of comedy, Leonardo DiCaprio really shows that he can be a comedic actor. Being a serious actor for his entire career, it was surprising how funny he can be from his movements to the way he presents his dialogue. Not to mention Naomi Lapaglia, another actor who swam from the shores of Australia, who does that weird Jersey accent very well, and just acted great in the movie. Then there are multiple cameos from every actor you can think of. It feels like Scorsese was just walking down the streets of Hollywood and just pulled these guys to do bit parts in the movie. We have appearances from Jon Favreau, Cristin Millioti,  Jon Bernthal, Henry Zebowski, and Jean Dujardin just to name a few. All of them just made a small appearance, including McConaughey, which we could’ve used some more.

The direction is of course great, and the writing is witty as it is jam packed with great comedy and dialogue. However, there can be at least thirty minutes taken off of it. It’s hard to laugh for three hours straight, and at one point the laughs just stop, despite the amount of humor that keeps on coming in. Despite the length, though, it’s still worth another watch, especially as a character study. Mark Hanna became such an influence to Jordan Belfort that he starts to dress like him, start to act like him, and even brought back this cheesy chest thump music Hanna taught him in the very beginning of the film. But overall, it’s Scorsese. He’s the most consistently good director we have of our time. Nothing he made is bad, so everyone should go see that movie just because his name is attached.

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The Friend I Never Met

Ryan Davis passed away July 3rd. This won’t be the greatest article, but I wanted to write at least something.

Honestly, I noticed a lack of tweets from him around July 5th, as I usually end up on his Twitter account for a bit to look for some laughs. I thought that maybe he was just taking a break, or found something more important to do for a bit. I understood. Today, the news came out of his passing, sometime around the morning. I must admit that I looked around to see if it was a joke, checking sources and such, being that the Giant Bomb crew are a ragtag group of hooligans. But once I remembered that the tweets stopped, it kinda hit me. Well, it may have still not hit me. I’m in this moment where I don’t know how to feel.

I never met Ryan Davis. I never met anyone who knew him. I was just dirt-bag kid who grew up listening to him and the rest of the Bombcast talk about video games and such. Sometimes I would listen to the casts just to hear how their weeks were going. And now, I wonder how I can ever feel close to someone I’ve never met. To hear about his passing to feel like a god has died. I cannot say I didn’t praise him. He was a funny guy who not only shared my feelings on video games, life, and ridiculousness, but was an amazing person. How do I know? How could you not. Everything Ryan did, he put his soul into, which made everything he did entertaining and fun to not only watch from an informative level, but from a personal level. To listen and watch Ryan laugh and have fun was fun for me. I envied the man took his passion to the fullest and created a job out of it. Maybe subconsciously, he helped start this podcast that I do with my friends.

Honestly, I dreamed of going to E3 one day and meeting him there. I cannot say that I did not have the greatest urge to be on the E3 panel for his podcasts, where he would ask me what I thought of the show and the games. I dreamed of having a beer or two with him. Ryan seemed like the guy where names did not matter. He wanted to know you and how you were, and he was sincere in return. I wanted to live in San Francisco for so long  just so I could go to the Giant Bomb office and share hands with the guys. I bet Ryan woulda gave me a hug. That’s the guy he was.

So today, I lost a friend I never met. He never met me, and nor will he ever know the impact of Giant Bomb had on my childhood. That’s all I wanted to tell him. I just wanted to let him know that he work touched millions.

RIP Ryan Davis 1979-2013

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1K Crew Episode 67: E3 Battle to the Death

1K Crew Episode 67: E3 Battle to the Death

In this cast, we go over the epic battle between Xbox and Microsoft at E3!!


Microsoft Press Conference

Sony Press Conference

Nintendo Press Conference

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1K Crew Episode 66: E3 Predictions 2013

1K Crew Episode 66: E3 Predictions 2013

In this cast, we lose a friend, but we talk about our E3 predictions!


E3 Microsoft predictions

E3 EA predictions

E3 Ubisoft Predictions

E3 Sony Predictions


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1K Crew Episode 65: Duo Cast part ?

1K Crew Episode 65: A Tragedy?

In this cast, Samifish and Vaderfan talk about EVERYTHING.

New Guilty Gear community
Switching from pad to arcade stick
Soccer around the world
Black Dynamite
Papers Please
Risk of Rain
Resident Evil: Revelations
Valve and other companies
Technology future proofing
Silvers Lining Playbook
Now You See Me
Intel Haswell processors


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1K Crew Episode 64: School is Unhealthy

1K Crew Episode 64: School is Unhealthy

In this cast, Vader and Sami wise up Koshr on the life of a student.


Advent Rising

Metro: Last Light

Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil 7

Destiny trailer – Law of the Wolves

Star Trek

and etc…



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1K Crew Episode 63: Xbox-Wan

1K Crew Episode 63: Xbox-Wan

In this cast, we talk about everything Xbox One!


Xbox One

Xbox One Hardware

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Exclusives


Halo Television Series


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