Finally, Samifish’s Bio!

Bored out of my mind in my math class, I finally thought of some decent things to write about myself. My name is Samifish. The reason for my name is unknown, but it just stuck with me since I was in middle school. I would say that my only contributions to the podcast would be me crying about how Capcom Vs SNK 2 isn’t ported yet and just fighting games in general. Other than that, I do most of the editing and account holding for our podcast. Like most people, the game that brought me to hardcore video games is Halo back in the day, when Vaderfan took me to Koshr’s house to have a massive LAN party, which still is in my top 3 video game moments. Although Halo is dear to my heart, it is possibly the only shooter that I am insane about, being the universe Bungie has created is magnificent. I did really like Modern Warfare 1 and Gears of War, thought I feel the latest installments of both are too tailored to the casual audience. This is sadly being the case for many games, including the MMO World of Warcraft. Making a game more casual means making it easier, and being a man looking for challenge, I went back to my PS2 and my favorite games, Guilty Gear. With me still playing days and days of a game that was fabled to be dead, the news of Arc System Works reacquiring the Guilty Gear IP revitalized my love for the game, and therefore, my love for fighting games. Also, the more recent news of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus being ported to the new generation of systems made me almost faint from excitement. I picked up Street Fighter, and instantly new that this is my true genre of choice. Now, with the addition of King of Fighters XIII, Blazblue: CS Extend, and Street Fighter AE, I am very deep into the genre.

To be honest, that’s really it. Anything else that is worth of note about me should eventually be heard in the casts. This will mark the beginning of the reign of the cast on this site, and I will be working on that in the near future.

Take care friends,

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