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1K Crew Episode 15: Girl Problems

1K Crew Episode 15: Girl Problems

In this lovely episode we share are real-life girl problems… well some of us do.


Mass Effect 3: Space Edition

Borderlands 2 Trailer and why it’s so amazing.

Pokemon Black and White 2

Chrono Trigger coming to iPhones and new Kingdom Hearts for DS

OST for Blazblue:CSE and talking about Daisuke Ishiwatari’s greatness


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1K Crew Episode 9: The Yellow Edition

1K Crew Episode 9: The Yellow Edition

Well we have a lot of upgrades today. I’d love to hear what you think about them in any of the ways listed below. Thanks for the support.

If you want to contact us or hear about a way to earn some pretty cool swag, listen to the podcast to find out!

The Skype Link Dump




http://kotaku.com/5874714/darth-vader-riding-charizard – must see pic

If you listen to end, pull up this picture when the pre-cast nonsense section is playing.


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