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1K Crew Episode 65: Duo Cast part ?

1K Crew Episode 65: A Tragedy?

In this cast, Samifish and Vaderfan talk about EVERYTHING.

New Guilty Gear community
Switching from pad to arcade stick
Soccer around the world
Black Dynamite
Papers Please
Risk of Rain
Resident Evil: Revelations
Valve and other companies
Technology future proofing
Silvers Lining Playbook
Now You See Me
Intel Haswell processors



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1K Crew Episode 43: Lag is Our Friend

1K Crew Episode 43: Lag is Our Friend

In this cast, a whole bunch of shit that lead to a lot of editing. Disclosure in the beginning of the cast. Enjoy!


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +


Resident Evil 6

The new Xbox Live champion

Nintendo issues


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