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1K Crew Episode 53: It is Your Destiny

1K Crew Episode 53: It is Your Destiny

In this cast, all of our little fanboy panties get super wet.


Coheed and Cambria

Arcades and getting blown up


Future Consoles

Darksiders 2

Kickstarter abuse

Minecraft Dragon

Mark of the Ninja

Aliens Colonial Marines


Intro- Persona  4-Pursuing My True Self- http://youtu.be/XqVoutY054w


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1K Crew Episode 10: 2/3rds United

1K Crew Episode 10: 2/3rds United

Short episode, you’ll understand once you listen to the cast.

As for the link dump it’ll happen tomorrow. I had a problem with editing and was late on putting it up, so I’m tired. Plus school is starting up for the editor so I can’t stay way up.

Like I said, edits and all will happen tomorrow thanks for the patience. Remember to “Like” on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter, “Email” on our… email, and 5-Star here and/or on iTunes.

Thanks for the support!

The Skype Link Dump



If you wanna contact us, look below to “Contact Us” Page for all possible ways.

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1K Crew Episode 3-Getting Tired

1K Crew Episode 3-Getting Tired

I’m so lazy I’m so sorry. School, Work, Referee.


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