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VaderFan at the Movies: Prometheus

The sci-fi movie that many waited for years to come, and it’s finally hear. I have only one thing to say about this film, it’s a pure sci-fi film, ’nuff said. But, to those of you who are interested in seeing the film, but doesn’t know what being a pure sci-fi film means, let me describe it to you.  A pure sci-fi film is all about the possibilities of being in space, that sort of sense of descovery, the loneliness, and while at the same time, questioning our humanity, such as what is the definition of being human, what made humans, etc. Prometheus is no exception to that, and it also followed the same beat as the hit-cult film, Alien.

Spoilers, the movie is a prequel to Alien. That is the hype behind the whole film, since the whole film was based around the space jockey that briefly appeared in Alien for about five seconds. It then goes deeper than just the space jockey, but the creation of humans and the xenomorphs (the aliens). However, what the director Ridley Scott, who also directed Alien, did was set it apart from the legendary movie series. It became its own standalone film, and you wouldn’t really associate it with Alien unless you’re a fan, and were able to see all the little easter eggs throughout the film.

Now the beats are the same as Alien, making it true to the original film. It starts off with a crew finding something, unleashing an egg that has something in it, everyone starts dying, an android masterminding the whole scenario, and a redhead as the main character. The only thing it was missing is a cat, which is an asshole. I’m not gonna spoil much on the connection to the Alien movie, but there wasn’t much either, which I thought was the great thing about it. Anyone who never saw Alien can still watch this, and still be able to enjoy this, if they’re sci-fi enthusiast.

As I mention earlier, this is a pure sci-fi film. Now, a sci-fi film isn’t all about special effects, cool costumes, and a simple plot of man against aliens, or an evil empire. It is more about humanity, bringing up questions about who we are, and leaving the audience thinking and answering those questions themselves. 2001: A Space Oddyssey is a great example of a sci-fi film, since it’s all about the future, the possibilities, being done in an artful way, and leaving the mystery behind the giant monoliths unanswered. The same goes with Prometheus with the space jockeys. Their inentions were left unanswered, and the “body huggers” and “snake huggers” shown similar to the traditional face huggers weren’t explain at all. As an audience we can only speculate what they are, and it also what makes me miss these kind of sci-fi films.

I seem to talk around the movie a lot, and I apologize for that. It is a movie that is hard to describe on paper, and is something that must be seen and discussed amongst peers. They just don’t make these kinds of films anymore, and I just have to talk more about the kind of movie it is. As a sci-fi enthusiast, I love it. It may not be for the casual movie going audience, but it has enough to make anyone scream, shake, and stay interested. It is, by the way, the summer of nerds, and I hope Ridley Scott would continue making more sci-fi movies.

VaderFan signing out, and praising Prometheus.

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