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1K Crew Episode 55: Artificial Stupidity

1K Crew Episode 55: Artificial Stupidity

In this cast, Koshr learns the topic of his future game!


Crysis 3 and the other Crysis games

Pun Games

Voting with your wallet

Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace

Aliens: Colonial Marines



Mark of the Ninja

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Names for video game related products

Jason West leaves Respawn

Beyond: Two Souls  out October 8th, adds Willem Dafoe

Tomb Raider

Remember Me projected for June

South Park: Stick of Truth



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1K Crew Episode 53: It is Your Destiny

1K Crew Episode 53: It is Your Destiny

In this cast, all of our little fanboy panties get super wet.


Coheed and Cambria

Arcades and getting blown up


Future Consoles

Darksiders 2

Kickstarter abuse

Minecraft Dragon

Mark of the Ninja

Aliens Colonial Marines


Intro- Persona  4-Pursuing My True Self- http://youtu.be/XqVoutY054w


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1K Crew Episode 50: J-Law’s Ass

1K Crew Episode 50: J-Law’s Ass

In this cast, mmmmm….


New Zelda + Wind Waker HD

New Yoshi’s Yarn Game

Super Smash Bros. U and the EVO 8th game

THQ is no more

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo

Dead Space 3 Demo

Star Wars 7


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1K Crew Episode 49: No One Likes 2012

1K Crew Episode 49: No One Likes 2012

In this cast, we make a conclusion about 2012. *Hint: Title*



EVO 2013 lineup

Pathfinder online KickStarter

Nvidia Project Shield


TellTale would like to do a Halo game

WOW will make better employees

Dead Space 3 reacts to your emotions,

MetaCritic says 2012 sucked for videogames

Remember Me

New IP and consoles

Intro- 3rd Strike- Akuma Stage: Killing Moon- http://youtu.be/v5BB1v50r8k


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1K Crew Episode 48:The Dark Side is Angry

1K Crew Episode 48:The Dark Side is Angry

In this cast, Vader bitches. About everything.


Asura’s Wrath


Ps2 Shipping Stop

THQ goes bankrupt

Goddess Kickstarter

Intro – Persona 3- Burn My Dread –http://youtu.be/vnQ4LexQr20


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1K Crew Episode 45: The Halo 4 Episode Part 2

1K Crew Episode 45: The Halo 4 Episode Part 2

In this cast, less Halo 4, but enough to make it the title. And we played some other amazing things.


Halo 4

Assassin’s Creed 3

Super Hero Porn

Nights into Dreams


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


Intro- Mahna Mahna by Cake – http://youtu.be/Us4PJgunZx8


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Video Games of 2013: VaderFan’s Take

1K Crew

1K Crew 2013 Gamepad design

So, since Koshr decided to talk about the upcoming year in a bit of a negative tone, I decided that I should put this year in a little bit lighter tone. I recommend you read his article first before you read mine: http://wp.me/p2de2l-7j. Now, I’m not going to refute his article, saying that he’s completely wrong because a lot of it is true. There are only a small handful of new IP’s coming out during the next year, so it’s really hard to get excited about the next year, but I am excited about some the sequels, along with some other things.

In terms of games, I am very excited about Bioshock: Infinite. Every game journalists has gone on and on about this game, so I’m not going to repeat the same stuff they talk about, and you can look online to fill in on what I would be saying. I will add is that I skipped out on Bioshock 2 since it wasn’t made by the same developers as the first one. I didn’t think I’d get the same experience from, despite some of the positive reviews it got when it came out. So, I’m really hyped about Infinite since it’s been a little over five years since I played the first Bioshock. Now, the next obvious thing is the new take on two very old and popular IP’s in the industry, which are Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.  The Tomb Raider and Metal Gear series have been around for a really long time, and for a good reason too. Now, we get a younger Lara Croft in her journey to become the strong female that we know of old, along with crazy set pieces, and brutality that seems only fit for a male, yet she is able to pull it off. There is also some resemblance to the Uncharted series, but that’s a whole discussion on its own. In Revengeance, which I’m pretty sure Kojima was high when he came up with that title, we get to play as Raiden, but this time as a bad ass super cyborg ninja. The Metal Gear series has been known for its stealth mechanics, and now that’s been replaced with high paced hack-n-slash action. The people at Platinum Games are working on this title, so it’s going to be really stylized, despite how it looks like another hack-n-slash game.

The next thing to definitely look forward to the next year is E3 2013. The main reason I say this is that there are ton of rumors that Microsoft and Sony are going to unveil their next console. E3 is always the place to showcase everything that’s new and big, and if the rumors are true, this would be the place to show it. We’ll get to see how the GPU works for the next generation, how the consoles would look like, some key features to each system, the controllers, some stuff we’ll like, and stuff that we’ll hate. We can speculate all day on what will be shown during the biggest gaming event of the year, but if the rumors are going to persist, then Microsoft and Sony may have to give into the pressure and make their new consoles. We’ll also get to see other things during E3, such as Bungie’s new game.

So, there you have it. Yes, the year will be lacking in some new stuff, but we still have some stellar games coming out within the next few months. Afterwards we’ll get the summer of arcade, which I’m pretty sure some indie game will make the headlines on every gaming website, and then E3 will happen during the summer. It will showcase more things to come out later that year, so we still have more things to look forward to. Maybe I’m being way too optimistic about this, but so what? The fall wasn’t that great, so it should get better, right?


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Halo 4: Halo CE/Reach vs. Halo 2/3


Koshr here of 1KCrew to talk(err, uh type) about the impending release of Halo 4 part one of the soon to be Reclaimer trilogy by 343 Industries. For a little bit of backstory, Halo 4 is the umpteenth Halo branded video game release, actually the 8th(not counting Gearbox’s port of Halo CE to PC as a separate release). Through the many versions of Halo we have all played, we all have our favourite version of Halo.

My favourite version of Halo is still Halo: Combat Evolved. This may be due to the many fond memories of smelly pubescent nights spent with 15+ other friends and friends of friends playing Halo through the night. “The good ‘ol days” is how I’ll always remember select weekends scattered throughout the years of 2002 – 2004. I still reminisce the days of getting a bunch of people together to all play together LAN style. Most of the kids anymore don’t even know this abbreviation: L.A.N. Local Area Network. Local, meaning that you had to play a game in the same room as other people (GO FIGURE :/). So, having proved that I’m completely biased towards Halo CE, I’ll do my best to present my newly found theory keeping in mind that I too did still enjoy Halo 2 and 3.

Halo 2 and 3

On November 9th, 2004 Halo 2 introduced dual wielding, a new main weapon, and a very heavily tweaked game engine now using Havok for physics as opposed to an engine entirely developed by Bungie like in Halo CE. Halo 2 brought the Halo series to Xbox Live, and is considered by many to be the game that brought the Xbox and Xbox Live to the incredibly high level of popularity that it continues to command to this day. Without going into single player, Halo 2 included major changes to the dynamic of what was Halo multiplayer. The new ‘main’ weapon that I had mentioned earlier was the Battle Rifle which was a burst-fire two-handed rifle, which was quite different from the single shot two-handed rifle they had shown in gameplay videos during the previous E3.

This video was probably what caused so much disappointment in Halo 2 for me, but I’ll save that for a different blog. The Battle Rifle changed the dynamic in Halo’s multiplayer by switching the main weapon from having a single-shot, high rate of fire weapon (as in Halo CE) to having a three round burst shot weapon. Halo 2 also brought new animation glitches including the infamous Double-Shot (allowed for two bursts to be shot simultaneously) and the dreaded BXR (literally the button combo of hitting the B, X, and R buttons/trigger in sequence to do a lightning fast punch-shot that would be an instant kill when properly used). Halo 2 was featured in MLG league play including 4v4 gametypes as its major competitions. I personally competed in MLG Halo 2 tournaments when they still were hosting 2v2 a gametype. I did not get very far, though I didn’t care to having already given up on thoroughly enjoying Halo 2 as I had Combat Evolved. The dual wielding in Halo 2 also presented another dynamic as well as a new, and equally annoying, use for the Plasma Pistol. What I have come to consider the ‘Halo 2 n00b combo’ included using a fully charged blast from the Plasma Pistol to relieve an enemy of his shield then quickly switching to the Battle Rifle to finish said enemy with a pinpointed burst of bullets to finish the enemy, as long as this burst was a head shot. These were perfectly valid tactics, I just didn’t like them for balancing because you could too easily get ganked without any notice since these combos could retire you nearly instantly. Halo 3 felt quite similar to Halo 2 for me so include it with Halo 2. It added more melee weapons for single and multiplayer modes as well as a better graphics engine that allowed the game to render three dimensional objects as far as 10 miles from the player in real time.

Halo CE and Reach

Halo CE and Reach both featured ‘main’ weapons that were single-shot, mid to far range weapons that could zoom in for better long distance accuracy. Halo CE’s M6D Pistol was a perfectly accurate shot. Bungie probably used some form of simple Ray Tracing to program its shot since it seemed to always shoot exactly in the middle of its reticle. Halo Reach’s Designated Marksman Rifle also was a more accurate weapon, although Halo Reach did include the ‘bloom’ effect that lowered shot accuracy when shot in quick succession. Bloom was probably the one major detractor to me liking Reach as much as I could have. Halo Reach was mentioned by on of the developers as being “for the fans” at one point and, looking back, I feel that the ‘fans’ mentioned were me and the other Halo players like me who, at that point, were still rigging up old original Xboxes with ‘Duke’ controllers whenever the moment arose. Halo CE did also have its animation glitches and button combos. These included the BLB (punch, grenade, punch) and my favourite, XXY which would allow your weapon to be reloaded whilst wielding your secondary weapon. It would still take the same amount of time to reload but you could still shoot during that period. The game physics in Halo CE required you to lead your shot the further away and the faster your target was moving allowing for more realistic dynamics, even though the game takes place in the 26th century. The newer games did not seem to require as precise shooting though they obviously still require some ‘leading’ of your shots. During the LANs that I previously mentioned, I took part in some of the most epic multiplayer games that I ever have played in any game, EVER! Imagine a capture the flag match where the goals was simply 3 flags to win, and being at the 2 to 2 stalemate. Now imagine having the teams flag, while they had yours (you had to own control of your own flag to score the opposing team’s flag). Well, this match, in specific, lasted for over three hours. The highest kill count was in the range of 350. Tensions were at the boiling point, and wonderful games of FFA Rockets on Wizard with half health and no shields quickly brought everyone back into the fast paced fun of the night. This is the wonder and glory that Halo CE still holds for me to this day. Early in my Halo 2 career, I was playing an online casual match where the match was nearing the twenty minute mark when teammates and members of the opposition were quitting out due to how ‘long’ the match was taking to finish. ?! …. some people I guess :/

Halo 4

Halo 4 will be releasing November 6, 2012. Halo 4 will also be featuring both the DMR and the Battle Rifle. Given that this game’s matchmaking settings will allow for it, I will very quickly be creating a custom gametype that will allow for the player to choose a Halo CE/Reach vs Halo 2/3 gametype. In essence, this will be a DMR vs. Battle Rifle gametype allowing gamers to put their skills on the line to prove their favoured game’s worth once and for all.

So, in summation, all I am really trying to relay is that even though there are a lot of us Halo fans, I feel like there are really two, very different, types of Halo fans. There are the fans that probably started playing Halo at their friends’ LAN parties but didn’t actually own Halo until Halo 2 or 3. These would be the Halo 2/3 archetype. Then, there are the true (what?! I had to…) Halo fans who helped Halo become popular in the first place by supporting an entirely new game console, that most people thought would fail horribly. These would include the Halo CE/Reach archetype. This same dynamic also applies to many other aspects within our wonderful video game culture (i.e. the 2 very different types of ‘Classic’ RPGs, I’ll cover that later).

With all of that off of my chest, I cannot wait to take you out with my DMR when 343 Industries’ Halo 4 releases November 6, 2012. This is KosherFistsOfFury of 1KCrew signing out.

P.S. Don’t forget the hate mail 😉

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1K Crew Episode 29: Summer-Time…

1K Crew Episode 29: Summer-Time…

It’s Summer! Which means nothing to talk about. We did, however, manage to find something to talk about.



The Hobbit

Mass Effect DLC

Valve is awesome

Other news and stuff


Intro- Sonic Adventure 2- City Escape –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6NaZrPQGfY



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1K Crew Episode 28: Hitting The Soft Spot

1K Crew Episode 28: Hitting The Soft Spot

In this cast, we talk about the possibilities of the content of Mass Effect 3 DLC coming out.


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Halo 4

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC

Mass Effect 3 DLC


Valve+Adult Swim=?

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1K Crew Episode 26: E3 Bonanza Part 2

1K Crew Episode 26: E3 Bonanza Part 2

Episode 2 of Vaderfan and Samifish’s E3 Coverage!


Lollipop Chainsaw



Wonder Books

Playstation All Stars

Beyond: Two Souls

The Last of Us

God of War: Ascension

Far Cry 3


Miyamoto is actually Olimar

Pikmin 3

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

Mario U, Mario 2 DS, Paper Mario 2

Nintendo Land

Wii U

Lord of The Rings/Batman Legos



Star Wars 1313

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Agni’s Philosophy

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence

Bellator MMA



Castlevania games

Persona 4 Ultimate

Halo 4

Intro Music- Darren Korb -Bastion Soundtrack – The Pantheon (Ain’t Gonna Catch You)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s3b5OR2YhE


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1K Crew Episode 23: Strapped

1K Crew Episode 23: Strapped

With some of us strapped for cash and others just basking in the glories of working for a major video game chain, we talk about as much as we can in this one.


Max Payne 3

Black Ops 2

Prototype 2

Borderlands 2

Sci-Fi Storylines and why they are great

Asura’s Wrath

Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League Win!

Intro- Freestyle 1 by Koshr


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1K Crew Episode 20: April Fools!

1K Crew Episode 20: April Fools!

In this cast, we decide to get Vaderfan’s hopes up, just so we can bring a hammer to them.


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Mass Effect

Hunger Games

Google Play Store

Onza Controller


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1K Crew Episode 9: The Yellow Edition

1K Crew Episode 9: The Yellow Edition

Well we have a lot of upgrades today. I’d love to hear what you think about them in any of the ways listed below. Thanks for the support.

If you want to contact us or hear about a way to earn some pretty cool swag, listen to the podcast to find out!

The Skype Link Dump




http://kotaku.com/5874714/darth-vader-riding-charizard – must see pic

If you listen to end, pull up this picture when the pre-cast nonsense section is playing.


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1K Crew Episode 7: Post-TOR

1K Crew Episode 7: Post-TOR

As promised, I am doing a link dump right here. Although its not really a link dump, more-so just stuff we’ve sent between each other during the cast on Skype. Well, here you go.

In means of podcast, this is like the TOR version of the Skyrim episode, only we talked about a bit of other things.

In means of editing and such, I did a bit of that. We have some sort of an outro and so pre-cast talk at the end just for the sake of not destroying good content.

Anyway hope you enjoy!

Link Dump




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Koshr’s Long Road To Game Development – Pt 1

      Like many video game aficionados, I’ve wanted to make video games for a very long time. One thing I’ve learned from working in a video games retailer for many years is that everyone has opinions on the games they play. More so, most have their own ideas clinking around their minds for their own games (Most of which… well, they aren’t too good). Likewise I’ve had many of my own ideas tumbling around my easily distracted brainspace. I am constantly pulling out one of my many notebooks to revise or continue ideas for level up systems, fantasy/sci-fi settings, or whatever else comes to mind; sometimes even poetry (Go ahead: Call me a sap!). At any rate, this compulsion leads me to take advantage of my employee privilege to be able to take a game from the store home to play from an academic standpoint. I’ll play a game just to see how they do certain things (i.e. level up system, camera, combos et cetera). I’m writing this because there was one such game that I’ve been wanting to play for some time now and just played the first half-hour or so.

     This game would be: (wait for it) … Venetica! Okay, so I know your’e wondering: “What the hell is Venetica? I’ve never heard of that!” Well, to answer your inquisitive mind, Venetica is an RPG set in “a fantastical Venice.” You play as Scarlett who, within the amount of the game I’ve played so far, has lost her would-be husband to assassins who’ve attacked her village. She dreams of Death telling her to find the infamous ‘Moonblade’ which you learn later is fabled to be able to kill the undead. You learn that her parents mysteriously dropped her off with the woman she was raised by, and that she somehow doesn’t quite die so easily as being stabbed in the back. Now, all this sounds great and all which was part of the reason I picked it up. The main reason I picked it up was for the fact that I had never heard of any of the companies listed on its covers. These include: Rombax Games (which seems to be a subsidiary of ZOO Games), Deck 13 Interactive, and dtp entertainment AG. I continued then to peruse my way through its instruction manual, which held my first clue (originally overlooked, of course) that this games production value was very low. On page 12 of Venetica’s instruction manual you’ll notice that there’s a screenshot to show the layout of the game’s HUD that has a whole section on the right cut off.

      The meat and the potatoes (POH-TAY-TOES!). Earlier tonight I finally get home from work and am able to load up the game to try it. The game quickly introduces the story and basic gameplay mechanics. Now I had already gone into the menu to up the sensitivity, my usual minhag, but the camera was unbelievably disorienting. So I quickly drop it down to 35 percent, which seemed most comfortable. This game has you starting the combat using a fire poker which does little damage, and I’m still not sure if there’s a ‘Block’ button (I probably wouldn’t use it anyway). After getting used to the annoying camera and clunky combat, I make it through the intro to a somewhat open part of the village that was attacked the night previous. Everyone is telling me how I should leave since the assassins were all looking for moi. I’m still walking around in a night gown btdubs. So I get some clothes that I basically stole from the blacksmith’s daughter, and begin my adventure through the surrounding area. I quickly find someone who was mentioned in the town that I have to help out of a fight. Next, I come across a house that two relative are squabbling over to get the will from the house. I talk to them and they warn me that their uncle was a trickster and that there would probably be a puzzle to figure out. Under their feet are blatantly protruding square step-stones (we’re in the middle of the forest btdubs) that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to interact with. I quickly give up on that venture. I walk around the woods a little longer when I come across a couple assassins that I imagine will be an easy encounter. They weren’t, despite my having found a better sword. I die. The ‘You Died’ screen showed up making me think: “Oh, well I’m sure the game automatically saved at some point.” Next, the ‘Load Game or Quit’ screen shows up and guess what: NO SAVE! Not even an autosave after the opening cinematic or even the tutorial section. And to think: I was really excited to see how the level up system was laid out, and I really wanted to see where her dad and Death were going to come into the story. Oh well, too bad.

      I guess my whole point in sharing this experience is in hopes that I will never forget it for the future when my skills are more ‘leveled up’ and I can make a game. To the indie game developers out there: No matter how awesome your level up system is or your super awesome Do-Hickey Do-Dad of super Phantasmagorical Elephantiasis is: DON’T FORGET THE BASICS! If your controls suck, or your camera fidgety, or your story bland and boring, I won’t want to play it. And even more so, this game truly makes me feel that once I gain those previously mentioned skills that I lack,; That I WILL make some interactive experiences of Badassery that you (people of the interwebs) will LOVE…. hopefully.

      So with that, I shall bid you a fond adieu… Now to get back to refreshing my gmail inbox hoping for some hate mail…….

       – Koshr: Signing Out. . .

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