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1K Crew Episode 56: Tomb Raided

1K Crew Episode 56: Tomb Raided

In this cast, we realize that Samifish does not play new games. Ever.


Saturday Night Live

Dead Space


Tomb Raider and 3rd person games

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Year Walk

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Ubisoft

The Bridge

Watching others play

Secrets in video games


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1K Crew Episode 8: GOTY… sorta

1K Crew Episode 8: GOTY… sorta

I say sorta because I did all this prep work for the GOTY podcast while I was getting my car washed then my netbook crashed. So it was a major wing-it situation but there are some very good information here along with, from what I’ve seen and heard, the general consensus of what is the GOTY for a category. Anyway, in the next few episodes , I have a good feeling that the level of the cast will go up a notch or two. Stay tuned!

Also coming soon are some neat stuff for the podcast, but also some Twitter, Facebook, and Email accounts to help us connect to the listeners.

Also, five stars on iTunes are greatly appreciated and will make sure you get a shoutout in the cast.

Happy late Holidays, hope you had a good New Years. You’ll hear about ours very soon(as in not in this cast, but you’re in for a surprise).

The Skype Link Dump






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